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Lean Process
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Lean Process

From 'Get the customer' to 'Keep the customer'

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About the book

Is your organization ‘committed’ to customer service, yet struggling to retain its customers? If so you are not alone.

While most companies place heavy emphasis on the acquisition of new customers, most fail to provide outstanding value to those customers they already have. When customers feel they are being taken for granted, sooner or later they find somewhere else to take their business.

This book reveals why this situation arises so often, and what can be done to fix it. It shows how to shift both attitudes and processes towards ‘keeping the customer’, while greatly improving productivity at the same time.

Lean Process follows the explorations of a group of disenchanted staff members in a telecommunications company. Tired of providing scripted responses they would not want to hear themselves, they seek to understand why orders are taking much longer to process than they should be. Along their journey, they are introduced to the Lean concepts of ‘push versus pull’, ‘value adding versus non-value adding’ and ‘value stream mapping’. They discover misaligned ‘silos’ and hidden queues that hamper, rather than help, the customer experience. With this knowledge they are able to identify hidden opportunities to make significant, customer-oriented improvements.

Lean Process will help both managers and front line operators understand what they can be doing better to make their customers genuinely and sustainably satisfied.

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