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Lean Culture
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Lean Culture

From 'Yes, but' to 'Can do'

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About the book

Are you finding your staff resistant to change? Is your workforce just going through the motions? Are they increasingly looking inward, reducing their focus on the customer?

These are not uncommon challenges. Whether caused by globalization, bureaucracy or tight local competition, leaders all over the world are finding it more and more difficult to engage their teams.

But all is not lost. Lean Culture shows you how you can get past negativity and resistance and build a workforce that enthusiastically welcomes change. It shows you how to move your people from ‘yes but’ to ‘can do’.

Based on a real-life continuous improvement program implemented inside a major financial corporation, Lean Culture tells the story of a group of managers and staff who are struggling in the wake of a major restructure involving significant redundancies. Their challenge is not only to rebuild but to continue to find and implement changes that will build greater efficiency into their operations. When a new continuous improvement program, inspired by Lean thinking, is introduced by a senior manager there is widespread skepticism about its value. Egos, insecurities and busyness get in the way. But the program’s unique approach wins people over (some more quickly than others) and change starts to come.

Lean Culture is essential reading for anyone interested in driving effective change in today’s demanding business environment.

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