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Lean Leadership 

From Manager to Leader

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Lean Culture 

From 'Yes, but' to 'Can do'

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Lean Process

From 'Get the customer' to 'Keep the customer'



“I found the book brought out many of the behavioural aspects that would not have been achieved via the alternative 'text book' approach. It explores subtle themes such as resistance to change, disconnection across teams, and lack of accountability. A good read for managers at all levels.”


Head of Trade Operations, ANZ, AU

“What I liked about the book was the lack of management jargon, making the book easy to follow and understand. Demonstrates, in a practical and unique way, how to get better business results, particularly in operational environments.”


Former IT Director, Barclays Bank, UK 

Elegantly outlines practical steps for creating efficient and motivating work environments, while acknowledging the pervasive, change influencing dynamics of a typical organisation. Suitable for everyone from graduates to seasoned managers. 


Organizational Psychology, Uni of Canterbury, NZ



Marta Ferreira Böing is a business transformation and management expert, with 15 years of experience, leading operations and providing advisory expertise to clients looking to improve their company’s performance. She has worked in this area for her entire career, as a manager, consultant, educator and now as a business owner.

“I decided to start this collection to attempt to showcase the simplicity and common sense applied by the best in an easy and lean read. Typical business challenges demystified, one book at a time.” 

Marta runs her own management consulting practice deploying programs similar to that described in Lean Culture. Her clients represent a wide range of industries, including health care, finance and manufacturing.



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